The personal value of a Lean Six Sigma course

The Lean Six Sigma methodology is often praised for its ability to raise productivity levels, profit margins and efficiency, as well as managing processes, reducing costs and aiding change within organizations. These are great benefits which stem from what Lean Six Sigma is at its core: a structural framework that allows you to make and deal with changes for the betterment of the organization. When we look at the framework from this angle it’s clear that being knowledgeable about Lean Six Sigma would make you an invaluable asset to any company. Luckily, that’s not even all of it. In this blog we would like to tell you a little bit more about the personal value of a Lean Six Sigma course, besides it being a shining diamond on your revised resume of course, so be sure to read on!

Broadly applicable skills

Obviously, taking part and applying yourself to a Lean Six Sigma course will provide you with new skills and knowledge. These allow you to take part in, or initiate, improvement projects for the company you work for. While there are some sector specific courses, the Lean Six Sigma methodology is always applicable within any company or organization. What’s more is that Lean Six Sigma goes beyond its methodology. It provides you with a new mindset. You will want to change like a flexible flow of water to adapt to whichever changing demands your customers might have, whoever they might be. Now imagine a situation where you’re trying to balance social life, your favorite hobby or family time. This mindset will keep you sharp far beyond the limits of your profession, allowing you to simply get more out of life.

A new outlook on management and leadership

To optimize workflows and processes, change is required. Those who have experience with Lean Six Sigma know that these changes usually create resistance. People in general are reluctant to change. It is in their nature. For any process improvement, however, it is critical that the users accept the changes. Without that acceptance, the improvement will most likely fail. This brings us to a major challenge within any Lean Six Sigma project. During your Lean Six Sigma course you will learn how to recognize and deal with the different types of resistance encountered during processes of change. This will subsequently impact your management and leadership skills in a naturally positive way.

Adapt to changes more easily

The beauty of improved management and leadership skills lies in the fact that these skills impact your own life as well. Being able to convince others of the benefit of the changes they need to accept is something you will automatically be able to apply to yourself. This makes you more flexible as a person. It helps you focus on the goals you’ve set for yourself, even when they seem out of reach.

A new set of antenna’s

Imagine coming into your office on a rainy Tuesday morning. You open your inbox and notice an e-mail by your coworker. It details how and why a certain process is delayed, asking you to inform certain stakeholders and provide some form of assistance. These things can always happen, but this is the third week in a row that the process in question is delayed. You carry out your coworkers request, but what then? You already know that you will be receiving a similar message next week. Without any Lean Six Sigma experience, the tendency to simply accept and move on will be much greater. In the long run, however, these weekly issues become problematic for your customers while also taking up an unnecessary large amount of your limited time. Should you have Lean Six Sigma experience, you would easily recognize a situation like this as a chance for improvement.

Something to take action on, which is the ideal way of handling the situation and will leave you satisfied and fulfilled.

Career opportunities

Taking specific courses can be expensive and should be considered an investment. While the intangible benefits are nothing to scoff at, we understand that you will probably appreciate some more tangible results after finishing your Lean Six Sigma course. Well, you’re in luck, because those will certainly cross your path. First off, having a Lean Six Sigma certification such as a Green– or Black Belt can earn you salary increased up to 10%. In addition to that, finding a new job will be easier with a Lean Six Sigma certification on your resume. Lastly, it will become be much easier to follow your dreams and start your own company. This because you will know how to listen to what your customers want, know how to eradicate unnecessary waste and obviously how to improve your output quality by changing processes for the better.

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