What is a Black Belt?

Within any organisation which has embraced Continuous Improvement’, ‘Lean’ or ‘Lean Six Sigma,  you will encounter terminology such as Yellow Belt, Green Belt and Black Belt. Every ‘Belt’ comes with specific responsibilities. In this blog we will explain how this works and perhaps more importantly what steps to take to become a Lean Six Sigma […]

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What is a Green Belt?

Within Lean Six Sigma professional jargon you will often hear different ‘belts’ mentioned. You will find belts in every color of the spectrum, but what does a certain belt color actually mean? The Belts indicate a certain level of expertise. They show at which level someone can apply the Lean Six Sigma methodology. The Green Belt […]

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Design of Experiments

What will I learn with Lean Six Sigma?

Lean Six Sigma is a methodology aimed at improving quality and efficiency in processes. It does so by using various tools and practices to eradicate waste and inefficiencies. When taking a Lean Six Sigma course, this will be your main goal. But what exactly will you learn to achieve that goal? In this blog we […]

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The personal value of a Lean Six Sigma course

The Lean Six Sigma methodology is often praised for its ability to raise productivity levels, profit margins and efficiency, as well as managing processes, reducing costs and aiding change within organizations. These are great benefits which stem from what Lean Six Sigma is at its core: a structural framework that allows you to make and […]

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