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    For the very experienced Black Belts

    A Lean Six Sigma implementation needs a driving force. That’s what Master Black Belts are for. Master Black Belts are highly experienced Black Belts who have already implemented many projects in different departments and often in several countries. A Master Black Belt also trains the Lean Six Sigma Green Belts and Black Belts who in turn take on a project. As the driving force, the Master Black Belt translates management’s ambitions into concrete projects. The Master Black Belt also reports the results and what the Green Belts or Black Belts are running into, back to management. The Master Black Belt training will ensure that you master this methodology completely.

    Therefore, an organization that implements Lean Six Sigma completely, needs a Master Black Belt. Master Black Belt is a senior function. It is especially important to have a lot of Lean Six Sigma experience. Furthermore, the Master Black Belt should be able to get things done at management level.

    The Master Black Belt program – Master Black Belt training

    To become a Master Black Belt, you must have a minimum of 3 years of experience as a Black Belt. The process to achieving Master Black Belt certification is customized, but it actually comes down to demonstrating a number of competencies and skills. For instance, you will have to demonstrate that you are capable of training Green Belts and Black Belts. You will also be assessed to determine if you have sufficient experience in multiple environments. Should this not be the case, then you will need to look for additional Black Belt projects in order to complete the missing experience. Finally, you will need to write an essay about Lean Six Sigma, in particular about implementing your vision.

    After the Master Black Belts from The Lean Six Sigma Company have given their approval, you will be able to take the theory exam. If you complete this successfully, then you will officially become a certified Master Black Belt.

    Master Black Belt

    An intensive program for very experienced Black Belts

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    On the basis of 23 reviews obtains The Lean Six Sigma Company with the service Master Black Belt a score of 9 out of 10.

    Practical information – Master Black Belt training course

    You should be aware that a Master Black Belt program can take more than a year. You would also need to have enough assignments available and sit down with the management of your organization to design an implementation. If you meet these conditions, then please call us to schedule an appointment. A Master Black Belt will initially contact you by phone and ask you a series of questions. This is followed by an intake session and you will then begin your program.

    Becoming a Master Black Belt is a customized program where you are required to demonstrate a number of components. The program closes with a theory exam.

    Experience 1 - Projects

    To become certified as a Master Black Belt, you must have a minimum of 3 years of experience as a Black Belt. As a rule of thumb, you will have successfully completed 7 to 10 Black Belt projects. The Master Black Belts from The Lean Six Sigma Company will ask you to evidence this and test your experience during an interview.

    Should it appear that you need more experience, then we will develop a plan for you to gain this experience.

    Experience 2 - Training

    Een Master Black Belt traint de Green Belts en Black Belts intern. Deze ervaring kunt u opdoen in samenwerking met The Lean Six Sigma Company. Hoeveel trainingservaring nodig is, is geheel afhankelijk van de didactische vaardigheden van de Master Black Belt in opleiding. De praktijk wijst uit dat 4 volledig verzorgde trainingen voldoende is.

    Experience 3 - Implementation

    Een Master Black Belt is programma manager van de implementatie. Gedurende het traject moet u aantonen dat u met het bestuur kunt samenwerken om de implementatie succesvol te laten zijn. Uiteindelijk vragen wij u ook een essay te schrijven over implementeren.  

    Experience 4 - Exam

    Als u de eerste 3 ervaringen heeft aangetoond, dan volgt het theorie examen. Dit is een gesloten boek examen met ruim 100 vragen. U krijgt 2,5 uur om dit examen af te ronden. Bij succesvolle afronding van het theorie examen, wordt u gecertificeerd tot Master Black Belt. 

    Het Master Black Belt traject is maatwerk. Na intake zal er een offerte worden opgemaakt. 

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    Lean Six Sigma in your company

    Lean Six Sigma is mainly known as a project-based improvement structure, but Lean Six Sigma is broader than that. Lean Six Sigma consists of an unwavering philosophy, an organization, an improvement structure AND tools. From this perspective, Lean Six Sigma is the answer to a number of business issues, such as competitiveness, cost reduction and customer satisfaction.

    Depending on your ambition, Lean Six Sigma can be implemented in phases. Every organization is unique. Therefore, there is no implementation blueprint for any organization. Together with you The Lean Six Sigma Company will develop a plan of action tailored to your organization.

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