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  • Tailored implementation – Small to large scale customized for your organization

  • Practical approach – delivering tangible results | Read below for our $1MM+ ROI program

  • Various training options – All certifications |onsite or virtual | group training or individual

  • Strong reputation – ISO certified | Baldrige state program partner | Global presence

  • Attractive pricing – Group pricing available | Fixed rates

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Why Lean Six Sigma?

In the USA

What Our Clients Say

“We engaged with The Lean Six Sigma Company (TLSSC) to support the launch of our Lean Six Sigma program pilot.  The business value created from the pilot generated greater excitement in the organization to develop a strategic partnership with the TLSSC team to coordinate future training.  The TLSSC team has a comprehensive suite of training materials, uses standard tools to engage the team, and provides excellent coaching and mentoring for our team to be successful applying tools to solve problems.”

Mike Stevens, Director Continuous Improvement  

StMary's Lean Six Sigma

“I recently attended the Open Enrollment virtual Black Belt services class of The Lean Six Sigma Company USA. The training experience was outstanding! The quality of the training materials, the videos, the books, and the highly interactive style of teaching has kept me engaged throughout the entire course (even in a virtual setting). The trainers have a depth and breath of experience unparalleled in the industry! They engage participants through sharing valuable best practices and case studies that makes the methodology easy to understand. I highly recommend The Lean Six Sigma Company to anybody looking for Lean Six Sigma training and getting certified. I have sent more of my colleagues to the class..”

Bency Massinello, Assistant Vice President of Nursing Services

Group Training

Our Lean Six Sigma group training sessions quickly allow you to implement Lean Six Sigma into your organization.

For organizations

What benefits can you expect? Practical approach – delivering tangible results
Our approach is result-oriented! Delivering tangible results for the organization is the ultimate goal of any Lean Six Sigma initiative. This ensures that the program builds credibility, creates early momentum and buy-in throughout the organization. It is not uncommon that completed projects deliver 4-5x Return on Investment (ROI) from the Lean Six Sigma initiative in terms of cost savings, quality improvements, and/or better customer experience. Delivering breakthrough results is the power of Lean Six Sigma! Lean Six Sigma is about all results, and organizations want results!

$1MM+ Return on Investment (ROI)
It is not uncommon that our Lean Six Sigma deployments for organizations deliver more than $1MM+ ROI. Of course, this depends on the size of the organization, but you can expect significant benefits from your Lean Six Sigma investment. Delivering breakthrough results is the power of Lean Six Sigma! Lean Six Sigma is about all results! And organizations want results!

Tailored implementation
Successful implementation of Lean Six Sigma always requires a customized approach, as every organization has its own path to success. To ensure a seamless fit between an organization and its objectives, we always start by designing a Lean Six Sigma roadmap.

This roadmap can range from starting small to a more robust program, depending on the maturity of the organization with Lean Six Sigma and the need to deliver significant results. Elements of the roadmap can include improvement needs assessment, creating awareness, group training, project execution & coaching, workshops, and program management.

Various training options – All certifications |onsite or virtual | group training or individual
We offer a full suite of options, from specific Lean training (Lean Practitioner and Lean Leader) to Lean Six Sigma Belt certifications (Yellow, Green, Black, and Master Black Belt).

Courses are offered both onsite and virtual. Our virtual classes are designed to offer a rich experience (similar to In-person) where a live instructor teaches participants through a combination of simulations, exercises, videos, flip-chart drawings, and much more.

With our group training option, we train specifically at and for your organization, making it possible to focus solely on your challenges. Alternatively, you can send individuals to our Open Enrollment (Public) option, where individuals attend the course with people from other organizations.

Strong reputation
The following accreditations/credentials shows our reputation as a global training provider:
ISO accreditation: Our training program is ISO certified (13053 & 18404) ensuring the highest international quality standards in our curriculum and way of teaching.

Partner with Baldrige State programs: We are the proud training partner for many of the Baldrige State programs. These non-profits promote process improvement & performance excellence in their respective state.

Global presence: We are one of the largest providers in the world, with a presence in more than 30 countries with over 4,000 customers and more than 50,000 trained students.

Attractive pricing
With our group pricing, you pay a fixed rate per training regardless of how many participants are in class. This makes our training courses for organizations very attractively priced. We do recommend a maximum number of participants per class to ensure a good teaching experience.


Lean Six Sigma is a process-improvement methodology aimed at increasing productivity.

Any questions?Please feel free to contact Edwin Boon, Master Black Belt at The Lean Six Sigma Company USA.

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