Yellow Belt Training

  • Learn the basics of Lean Six Sigma in a fun interactive manner

  • 1-day course

  • Internationally recognized Yellow Belt certificate

  • Live virtual classroom

  • For those individuals that are not sure yet about a Lean, Green or Black Belt course. You will learn the basics of Lean Six Sigma first and then you can always upgrade later!

  • Also for those individuals that will be participating on a Lean Six Sigma project

  • Training program ISO certified (ISO 13053 & 18404)

  • Course include simulations, interactive exercises, videos and much more

  • No prerequisite – you can go straight for Yellow Belt certification

  • We hold our own exam so no need to go somewhere else for that

Getting better every day

More and more organizations are using Lean Six Sigma to improve their processes. The corresponding improvement projects often have an impact on the daily work.

The Lean Six Sigma methodology has been used to streamline processes to provide services or products to customers, patients or citizens faster and with fewer errors. Often, the projects take place within the organization where several people work together. For example, a billing process, licensing process, logistics-, or production processes. The persons who run the projects are called Green Belts and Black Belts, but they are dependent on the input and cooperation of their team members to succeed.

Yellow Belt training course

The Yellow Belt training has developed in order to ensure that the team members understand the aim of Lean Six Sigma and what their role will be within projects. This 1-day course explains what Lean Six Sigma is, where it comes from, where it works and where not, what Lean Six Sigma means for an organization and how it can contribute to streamline processes. It is an interactive training with a process simulation and not too many theoretical concepts.

For whom is the training suitable? 

For anyone who comes into contact with Lean and Six Sigma on regular basis, e.g. you are a manager who wants to know more about the methodology or you are an employee whose input is expected in Lean Six Sigma projects. The Yellow Belt training guarantees the right knowledge and background information.

Pre-knowledge about Lean Six Sigma is not required. During the training, we will discuss the background and philosophy of Lean Six Sigma, so you know where the methods came from. Furthermore, the training starts with the basics of Lean Six Sigma and the concepts will clearly be explained and illustrated.

Yellow Belt Training

The Yellow Belt course creates awareness on Lean Six Sigma Basics

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Practical information

The Yellow Belt course is an in-company training course. Please request our prospectus for a detailed program of the training. A Yellow Belt training provides a general overview of Lean Six Sigma and therefore suitable for tailor-made content depending on which type of business you are into.

Yellow Belt course
The Yellow Belt course is a 1-day course where participants will learn the Lean Six Sigma basics.

This is a very hand-on experience where the students stay engaged through flip-chart drawings, videos, games and exercises.


  • Intro, background and history of Lean Six Sigma

  • Lean vs Six Sigma what are differences?

  • Lean Methodology overview

  •           Why Lean?

  •           Benefits and goals of Lean

  • Basic overview of Lean tools – 5 Lean Principles

  •           Define Customer Value and 7 + 1 Wastes

  •           Value Stream Mapping

  •           Flow

  •           Push vs Pull

  •           Strive for Perfection (Various tools including 5S and Kaizen)

  • Six Sigma Methodology overview

  •           Why Six Sigma?

  •           Benefits and goals of Six Sigma

  •           Quality metrics

  • Basics overview Six Sigma DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control)

  • Project Selection

  • Lean Six Sigma Deployment

  • Lean Six Sigma Roles and Responsibilities

  • Yellow Belt Exam

After successful digital examination, the participant will receive the Yellow Belt certificate.


Upon successfully completing a Lean Six Sigma training you will be awarded an official internationally recognized certificate. How can you make sure this certificate represents the very value you were looking for. In the following video tutorial, it is explained what elements you have to take into account to determine the value of the Yellow Belt certification provided. Learn more by clicking here.

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Although Lean Six Sigma is best known as a project-based improvement structure, it is much broader than that. Lean Six Sigma is an established philosophy, an organizational and improvement structure as well as a set of tools. Using this perspective Lean Six Sigma addresses organizational issues with respect to competitiveness, cost reduction, and customer satisfaction. 

Depending on your ambition, Lean Six Sigma can be implemented in phases. Every organization is unique, without a common blueprint that universally applies. Together with you, The Lean Six Sigma Company will develop a plan of action tailored to your organization.

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