Lean Six Sigma courses offered in partnership with WCPE

25,000+ trained professionals | 4,000+ clients globally

Active in over 20 countries | ISO18404 and ISO13053 certified

Why ISO?

• As one of the few providers in the world the courses from The Lean Six Sigma Company adhere to two important ISO standards. (see below)

• Before this, there had been no universal standard on what constitutes for example a Black Belt or what is required in an organization which deploys these approaches.

• ISO attempts to eliminate the ambiguity in the Lean Six Sigma industry to create international standards to define:

  • Skills & competencies required to become a Lean Six Sigma professional (ISO 18404)

  • Tools required in the Lean Six Sigma training curriculum (ISO 13053)

Getting a certification from The Lean Six Sigma Company ensures that you will receive a certification in adherence to international standards!!

Lean Six Sigma courses in Wisconsin

In partnership with Winsconsin Center for Performance Excellence (WCPE) we are pleased to offer to you as a WCPE Member or non-member, a variety of world-class Lean Six Sigma courses in Winsconsin. Any Continuous Improvement initiative or Lean Six Sigma project will involve a large group of participants ranging from board members, (senior) managers, project managers, specialists carrying out the initiative or project (either full time or part time) to those who are simply impacted by the positive change. 

We believe it is important the Lean Six Sigma course you opt for, fits your role, aspirations, and ambition.

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